On Tutorials

by tncastleman

Conveying information player beyond simple story is a major issue since the complexity of systems has increased, teaching the player what needs to be done. In the past the issue of what a player needs to was limited four directions and a button or two but whether it was a mandate of the game designers or the platform holder controllers have evolved into what we know today, the fact is that now designers have a lot more to work with and as such have used to produce more and more complex games. The problem is that before this new found complexity it was simple to tell players nothing and expect them to figure things out on their own but that is virtually impossible with modern games. So it falls on the designer to explain what to do, how to do it, and when, many games tackle this by simply having on screen prompts and dialogue boxes that tell the player what to and explain concepts that the player will need to know, things like counters, dodges, and reloads that are key to players succeeding in the game. While these are easy solutions to giving players information there are other ways that few games do the idea of incorporating text information into the world. This is a very difficult thing to do, since doing it involves an extreme difficulty, it requires the designer to make sure that the player will see the information no matter how the player decided to interact, getting players to interact with the world the way the designer wants is one of the most difficult tasks that designers have and while it is easy to say that this gains little but if the goal of game design is to immerse the player then a designer can and should do everything they can, even if it causes them to do more work. In the case of DMC: Devil May Cry (2012) the designers were able to this by making the world literally speak to the player, while this is a luxury afforded the designers by fiction of the world, other designers can and should work to find a similar work around like hallucinations, graffiti, or something else. The communication with players is something that needs to be toned down and integrating that communication into the world is an easy and effective way to decrease aspect of game design.