The birth of a medium

by tncastleman

While games as art is a question that will be needlessly debated for years to come these articles will treat the question as answered. Games are art not because of aimless discussion of nature of art, but because any medium is capable of art and games are a medium. A young medium that is build upon all the mediums that came before to create the first truly interactive medium that demands more passive viewership or simply a page turn.

Like any young medium the first people to work with the medium are simply try to do what is familiar. Like early films using photography as the basis of early film , as a form of documentation, workers leaving a factory, or simply a static shot of a traffic on a bridge, early games emulated real world games like ping-pong and golf. As mediums develop they inevitably they begin to tell story, film looked to theater as its inspiration so to did videos games use another medium to tell stories in this case literature as the basis for telling stories, long blocks of text telling narratives separate from the gameplay. It was not till either medium was the resources to see what it could do free from the confines of other mediums.